B.Tech/BCA/MCA Student Project Topics

1. Web Portal

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

A portal is a user facing aggregation point where multiple, potentially unrelated functionalities and services are housed. Usually, portals are used as a gateway to consumer type of offerings such as searching, news, weather information, electronic mail, and stock prices. Portals provide a single location that users can turn to when they are looking for information and services. Instead of spending a lot of time searching through multiple locations, portals aggregate the relevant information at a single, easy-to-remember location.  This project represents an evolution in the portal technology, using the revolutionary Web services for its development. The proposed portal system aggregate application functionality in the form of Service-Oriented Processes (SOPs) or web services.

mba project 03 B.Tech/BCA/MCA Student Project Topics

2. Ad-Manager      

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The project “Ad-Manager” is a general-purpose application that is dedicated to those corporate agencies that is focused to News agency and publishing Media. In this system, the system administrator has the rights to register a new customer and modify or delete an existing customer. The customers can request for a space in any reserved publications in the software, reserve for specially positions to publish his advertisements, engage in an enquiry. The project starts with the registration of the customer and the publishing media. Once the entire information of the client and the media is saved, it would become very handy to the media agency to track any details that that required.  Aging analysis can be generated for identifying the pitfalls with each customer.  With frequent communication, the media agency can even improve the rapport with the existing clients. Another feature of this system is the preparation of the Release orders.  While a pre formatted Release Order helps the publication to easily identify from which agency this Release Orders came from, the agency is on an advantage that Release orders can be generated at a very fast pace.  This option will feature aspects like the number of insertions to be made based on one Release order, the amount that is to be calculated based on the advertisement page and position as per the Release order, the subjective tax calculation, the amount the customer is to pay in case of split billings.


3. Complaint Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

An organization’s customers may have complaints about its products. They will be given an email id for each product, where they can send an email when they have a complaint to register. The emails will get converted to complaints and get assigned to the persons handling that product. The complaints can be assigned to different persons and will get tracked to closure. The person handling the complaint will have the facility to communicate with the customer via emails through the system.

4. Global Depiction

 Requirement: Java/.Net

The objective of the project is to provide the user easy capability to search one position in the world map like country, city name and place etc using GPRS or WED SERVICE & J2ME technology from his system or from mobile. This will help the users to locate our system or mobile; can access the road map of the place with the help of a web service. The Application gives the user, ability to locate or edit one position on the map manually. If a connection is established the user can access the world map from the wed service. This application also helps the users to search one position in the world map by giving Geographical position co-ordinates of the place.

5. Social Networking

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The Project named Social networking is a social application like Orkut, My space, Face Book and Hi5 etc. The backbone of maintaining relationship between our friends, classmates and colleagues is communication between them. But today’s fastest world wants the communication between people become also fast In this scenario social networking application, Friend Finder has to do a lot of for helping people to find their friends and maintain relationship between them.

6. Tech-Mate

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The proposed system is called “Mobile Tech-Mate”. In the proposed system there are strictly technical persons. In existing system, there are group of friends who may or may not be technical’s. But in the case of technical community, there are group of technical experts who share their knowledge with each other. This system provide the facilities such as Categories the members into three groups-Platinum, Golden & Silver

l  Add new member

l  Submit articles

l  Discussion forum

l  Changing passwords

l  Bidding

l  Searching

l  Blogs

l  Member voting

7. Virtual Tutor

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The project entitled Virtual tutor is developed with the intention to create software for the e-learning process. The objective of Virtual tutor is to improve access to advanced educational experience by allowing students and instructors to participate in remote learning communities using personal computers at home or at work. The project is to implement Virtual It uses collaborative learning process that emphasizes group or co operative efforts among faculty and students, active participation and interaction in the part of both students and instructors and new knowledge that emerges from an active

The modules for the proposed system are,

l   User/Student Management:

l   Subject/Timing Management

l   White Board Sharing

l  Report Generation

l  User Interface


8. Job Portal

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

A Job Portal is a website that facilitates job hunting. These sites are more commonly known as job boards and range from large scale generalist boards to niche job boards for job categories such as engineering, legal, social work, teaching. Users can typically deposit their resumes and submit them to potential employers, while employers can post job ads and search for potential employees. The success of jobs search engines in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers has spawned thousands of job sites, many of which list job opportunities in a specific sector, such as education, health care, hospital management, academics and even in the non-governmental sector. This website is providing employees to register in the site and search for new jobs, upload their resume. The employers can post new openings and search employees in the sites, view resumes of employees, send mails etc. The users of the site are administrator, employees, and employer.

The major modules are:


Mail notification




9. Employee Cubicle Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

This project is aimed at tracking and having the view of the cubicle and the person sitting in it. Assuming there is already system that has the cubicle numbers and the telephone number data, at the same time this system will also need to take the floor plan as input and maintain the cubicle plan and the seat numbers. The floor plan input is needed to make system more robust and adaptable to the new buildings coming up.

10. Agent-based information push mechanism

Requirement: Java/.Net

Information push mechanism is a way of pushing the information to the user who would be interested in that. This technique is widely used in web-site advertising (showing the advertisements that a user with a certain profile would be interested in, yahoo! sites for example). This technique can also be applied in other areas wherein a user with a known profile interacts with an information system (such as a website). Based on the profile and on the history of activities of the user, a behavioural profile of that user could be determined and this behavioural profile will help the information push system in determining the content that the particular user would like to view.

11. Equity Trading Portfolio manager

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Equity Trading Portfolio (ETP) manager is assistant software for traders who normally do the trading though some stock brokers. These traders mostly track the share prices using News channels or news papers and place the order for stock buy or sell to stock broker. Stock broker actually does the buy or sell action on behalf of such traders. ETP manager keeps the track of share prices offline (if time permits this can be made online) and provides charts and analysis of the particular companies’ share with available data. At End of Day, the broker will update the closing stock rates to database. Similarly at Day’s open the broker will update the opening stock rates (if time permits this can be made online).   It also keeps the records of buy and sell done by the trader. This system facilitates the traders to see the DMAT allocations of trader with current price. Equity Trading Portfolio (ETP) manager is a true assistant to those traders who do not have electronic trading facility and do trading through brokers.

12. Entity Recognition on the Web

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Searching for information about a particular entity is the most frequent activity performed on the Web. Many a times, it’s also needed to integrate information available from various online sources. The presence of multiple entities with the same name makes it difficult for a user to browse through the results. In such cases, it’s often useful to be able to determine when two referents (pages) are referring to the same physical entity. But, since the web hosts massive amount of information, it’s desirable to automate this process, and allow a machine to make such a distinction. In this project, we address this problem by finding suitable methods from the field of Information Extraction. The solution should be such that given the name of the entity the user is searching for, and a number of web documents obtained as a result of the search query for that name, the machine should be able to cluster together all the documents referring to same physical entity.


Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Libraries inform their users of what materials are available in their collections and how to access that information. Before the computer age, this was accomplished by the card catalogue— a cabinet containing many drawers filled with index cards that identified books and other materials. In a large library, the card catalogue often filled a large room. The emergence of the Internet however, has led to the adoption of electronic catalogue databases, which allow users to search status from any location without going to library. E-Library is a web based software application used for knowing status of Library through Internet.  Administrator can enter the record of new books and retrieve the details of books available in the library, issue the books to the users and maintain their records and can also check how many books are issued and stock available in the library. In this project we can maintain the late fine of users who returns the issued books after the due date.

14. Campaign Information System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

An insurance company wants to start campaigns for its new products to be sold to the prospective customers. Campaign means advertising of the products through channels like Tele marketing, letters, signboards, TV Commercials, etc. There are different campaigns for different products and there is a specific period for each campaign. Before the campaign starts, estimates are made on sales to be achieved, budget allocation for each campaign and variance allowed (%) both for sales and budget. When the actual data is captured, the actual variance (%) is calculated. The difference between the actual and the estimated variance gives the insurance company an insight into their estimation and it helps in making strategic decisions about budgets and campaign periods. You have to develop the system, which captures the above functionality. It is an Intranet application.


15. Employee Separation System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The E-Separation System will facilitate the automation of the employee Separation process The application will automate the existing task of the employee to initiate the separation process and get clearance from all the departments on line. Human Resource Development can process the separation on line and provide the relieving letter once the clearance is obtained


  1.  Separation  Initiation
  2. Separation Approval/Rejection
  3. Separation Clearance
  4. Separation Closure
  5. Reminder Mails

16. Speed Cash System (POS)

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

This The Speed Cash System is used to transfer money from one place to another within a day. This is basically used to speed up the money transfer. The necessary information for the money transfer from the source bank to the destination bank is sent in the form of file on daily basis. This file contains the information like remitter details, beneficiary details and DD (Demand Draft) details, etc.

17. Training Tracker

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Training Tracker is a secure on line portal that allows users to manage and control all facets of the training and knowledge of employees through one easy to use system, immediately reducing time consuming administration costs. Training Tracker provides a web-based interface and supports tasks such as on-line registration, work flow and self-service training programs. A web based tracking and collaboration system for administrators, trainers, course delegates and their nominated colleagues. The administrators can set up the details of each training program and this information can be accessed online by the trainers and delegates.

18. Multimedia Community

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The proposed system is called “multimedia community”. Here we have a central server to which the multimedia content is uploaded. We can download the multimedia content from the server any time we want. During the uploading of the multimedia content the server automatically compresses the media and during the download the content is decompressed. Here we are implementing the compression by means of ZIP files.

19. Build Craft

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This is a website that is mainly created for the construction companies which include supervisors, laborers, vehicles, payment of the wages, work hours of employees etc.

20. Cost Tracking

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

In major companies an undertaken project or an activity is divided into modules and each module is handled by different staffs at different time periods. Therefore here it is unable to calculate or predict the total effort (time of work) involved. That is difficult to calculate the estimated cost and real cost of a project or an activity. The aim of this project is to reduce the complexity in calculating the cost of a project. The administrator can allocate each project to his employee while doing that he can able to specify the time limit. Customer can able to register his project. Employee can able to view allotted project and able to submit daily activity. This project is aimed at developing a Cost Tracking System for any the Organization. This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization. This system can be used to defining a work, staff and assign staff to a particular work and then calculate the cost of production etc. User can estimate the cost of the project at any time of its progress. To solve this problem we make use of ‘Cost Tracking’ Software.

21. E-Governance Solutions for Better Governance

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

E-Governance manages the entire details of all departments of the Government. It keeps track of the each movement of the concerned officials.  The details pertaining to each and every department are maintained so that the delay and the corruption in the implementation of the Government scheme will be reduced.  In automating the above process the project is divided into three modules. Department Module Scheme Module Scheme Description Module. System analysis focuses on specifying what the system or application required to do. It allows individuals see logical elements (what the system should do) apart from the physical component it uses (computers, terminals and storage system).

22. Employee profile Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The project titled “Employee Profile Management System“ is a Human resource  management application that delivers effective employee data management and integrated  directory services to lower the administrative costs associated with employee profile  management. In the existing system, work flow notifications and leave request are not automated. Even for minor modifications such as personal information changes, employee has to request for administrator’s permission as the administrator has all the privileges to modify the employee’s information. This system enables employees to perform their own profile maintenance and ensures that data changes comply with organization’s requirements. It enables the automation of work flow notifications and leave request. Work flow notification from administrator are stored in the backend and notified to employee, once employee log in to the system. Leave request made by the employee is placed for administrator approval, the administrator module checks up with the leave availability and approves or rejects the request.

23. Human Resource Information System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Human Resource Information System is aimed to integrate the activities of Human Resource Department of  a  company The Human Resource Information System maintains the following core


1. Personal Information Management

2. Personal Training Management

3. Recruitment Process Management

4. Project Management

The information collected through the above activities will be maintained in a centralized server and could be accessed through the Internet.  The company has decided to create a corporate internetwork to connect all offices and their network would also be utilized in case of implementation. The information collected through this management and process related activities are maintained as folios.

24. Design of Online Matrimonial Website

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The technical and the commercial scope involved in developing and implementing the project “Matrimonial Website” can be discussed using this abstract.  This project aims at creating a full-fledged website for Matrimony. It basically involves viewing the details of the bride, bridegroom or both. The user can just browse through the site and can post or submit his/her details by registering himself as a valid User. The project is divided into two sections:



25. Online Enterprise Resource Planning

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

An information system that integrates all manufacturing and  related applications for an entire  enterprise  ERP runs off a single database,  enabling various departments to  share information and  communicate with each other . ERP systems comprises of function- specific modules designed to  interact with the other modules,  e.g. Accounts Receivable,  Accounts Payable, Purchasing,  budgeting, accounting, human  resources, material flows, etc . Online ERP is the web-enabled front-end for the company wide ERP software. Users are provided with web-based information and a central and uniform data basis. A Work flow Management System ensures targeted and secure user guidance through the required business processes. The online ERP software, needs the permanent availability of user-specific Internet applications is ensured. The online Enterprise resource planning software forms the backbone of business systems in manufacturing firms and many other businesses. The online ERP solution for the users are a strategic an d coherent approach to the management  of organizations for providing facilities such as loans to the customers or giving credit to the  suppliers or to reflect their financial status in the respective industrial environment. It is the most valuable asset for the people working there who are responsible both – individually and collectively for the achievement of the organization’s goals.

26. Online Vehicle Rental System (VRS)

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is being considered in order to reduce and totally eliminate loss of customers to competitors, and save the company from folding up. The current system is manual and it is time consuming. It is also cost ineffective, and average return is low and diminishing. Currently, customers can call or walk-in in order to rent or reserve a vehicle.  The staff of the company will check their file to see which vehicle is available for rental. The current system is error prone and customers are dissatisfied.  The goal of this project is to automate vehicle rental and reservation so that customers do not need to walk-in or call in order to reserve a vehicle.  They can go online and reserve any kind of vehicle they want and that is available. Even when a customer chooses to walk-in, computers are available for him to go online and perform his reservation.  When he choose to reserve by phone, any of the customer service representatives can help him reserve the vehicle speedily and issue him a reservation number.

27. Order Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

A customer can have a set of digital photographs in his desktop which he/she wants to print. He/she can provide the application the path to the folder where the photographs are stored and can choose the photos that he/she wants to print and choose the size of the prints. The application will calculate the price after downloading the price information from the database for the different print sizes and show it to the user. The user will enter his/her credit card/other payment option (or choose any other mode of payment) and shipping information if he/she wants to go ahead with the order. If the credit card information is found correct, the photos are uploaded to the server and a purchase order is created in the database.

28. Patient Billing Software

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing a patient billing software system that is of importance to a hospital. The PBS is a local software system. This system can be used to maintain the location (bed no.) of each patient either in the ward or the ICU. Information about the patient and the charges to be paid is also stored.

29. Payroll processing

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

Consider a medium sized IT establishment which manages its own payroll requirements. This project will aim to develop an automated system to pay employees their monthly wages. The system should store employee salary details and leave allowance. At the end of the month the system should automatically credit the employee’s bank account with their salary. Income tax and loan payments should be deducted at source and appropriate accounts credited. Salary slips should also be generated.

30. Prison management system

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

This project is aimed at developing a prison management system that is a collection of registers and reports for the effective management of prisons. This system should contain the modules like nominal roll, case register, parole register, Interview requests, In-out register and an automated release diary generator.

  1. Nominal Roll
  2. Case register
  3. Automated release diary generator:
  4. Parole register
  5. Interview requests and In-out register
  6. Various status reports and demographical analysis reports are to be generated.

31. Recruitment Process System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing a web-based and central Recruitment Process System for the HR Group for a company. Some features of this system will be creating vacancies, storing Applicants data, Interview process initiation, Scheduling Interviews, Storing Interview results for the applicant and finally Hiring of the applicant. Reports may be required to be generated for the use of HR group.

Functional components of the project

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Generic:
  2. HR group:
  3. Interviewer:
  4. Other details:
  5. Exception Allowed to the above functionalities. If email notification is not possible, then make a link in the employees (HR/Interviewer) login where all the (email) messages for them are stored. Should have the facility of reading the message and deleting them.

32. Repository and Search Engine for Alumni of College

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing a repository for the alumni of the college, which is of importance to a college. The Repository and Search Engine (RASE) is an Internet based application that can be accessed throughout the World. Anyone can access the search Engine to know about any Alumni of that college but can’t able to add. Alumni can only update the database when they are in the college.

33. Resume Builder Application

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Develop an Intranet Application for Winner Technologies Ltd. for automating the process of Resume Writing. This would be facilitating the employees to make and print their resumes in a proper format. In addition, it will be facilitating the higher management to search the employees depending upon their skills sets and other attributes. The Basic Requirement is to have a centralized repository of all the skill-holders in the organization so that an employee with a particular skill set can be immediately found in case of urgent requirement.


34. Project Tracking System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The Aim of the Project is latest generation Web Based System for Managing and Tracking Software Development Projects. It is called “Project tracking System” for a good reason – it was specifically designed to make software project management hassle free and straightforward.   The Project Tracking System (PTS) was initially developed to document, prioritize and track the progress of internal Remedy projects by setting milestones and establishing deliverables required to complete a project. As the application became more robust, other groups became interested in using PTS to manage their own projects. Using the Project Tracking System   This document discusses opening PTS, how to create an PTS projects, adding attachments, setting up deliverables, establishing project members, creating deliverables and milestones to measure progress, project security features, setting milestone alert notifications, sending email from within a PTS project and more. Notifications and Communications within PTS this document discusses all of the types of notifications that PTS sends to project members and customers throughout the life cycle of the project.

35. Dynamic University Linking and Data Integrity Maintenance

Requirement: Java/.Net

Traditional administrative tool for managing student records, the student information system,  has become a central element of any college or university business-application system. Changes in campus culture, especially the widespread use of the Internet, have raised student expectations of services provided by technology. At the same time, university leaders have become more accountable for the business aspects of campus life.  The proposed DYNAMIC UNIVERSITY LINKING has been built from the ground up in close cooperation with our customers around the globe. Virtual Campus provides distance-learning opportunities with a variety of non-traditional ways for the users to access education, regardless of where they reside.

36. Innovative Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

This talks about the various modules of the project.  ONLINE CRM – Customer Relationship Management contains following modules.







37. Sales Order and Distribution System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The proposed Sales and Distribution system is a comprehensive system designed especially for selling manufactured goods in the market. The system enhances the capabilities of the current system in the area of sales, purchasing and planning. It does not matter whether the organization is selling on a commission basis or is involved in trade.  The system is also designed to facilitate the flow of information between multiple production sites, therefore perfectly suited for geographically dispersed processes. Activities can be very flexibly spread between locations and stock information can be shared amongst them, enabling central management of stock and maximizing the efficiency of the capital invested in it.


38. Strategic Integrated Health Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

Strategic management is the process of getting things done. It is the execution of a strategy, and it  is thinking strategically about how to achieve goals, get people to do things, winning market share  and defending it. Strategic management is thinking several steps ahead instead of just working on a project without thinking about intended and unintended consequences. Both management and planning are processes, not assignments or periodic events, and they are tied to an organization’s  vision and departmental missions. In strategic management, a proper Plan, manage and execute processes has to be carried out in a professional manner with perfection.  One of the current growing strategic management is Health Care management and monitoring it either as an automated system or providing online support. Healthcare as a service and as a specialized industry has undergone a tremendous change during the last two decades all over the world. Efficient functioning of complex hospitals necessitates smooth flow of information across various departments.  The healthcare industry has gone through three distinct phases of transformation since the 1950s in response to changing population/demographic and economic characteristics.

39. Transport Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

Connecting people is through the connection of roadways, railways or seaways or airways. Hence a significant importance has to be provided for the transportation market by designing and building intelligent transportation systems, information management systems, and control systems that leads the transportation agencies use to effectively manage their freeways, bridges, tunnels, and rapid transit assets. The proposed transportation solutions allow the clients to more closely monitor their operations, cost effectively maintain their facilities, and rapidly respond to real-time conditions and emergency situations using our fully integrated Transport management software suite.  Maintaining efficient and safe travel through bridge and tunnel facilities requires systems that integrate a host of applications including traffic management, facilities management, SCADA, life-safety, surveillance, and security.  We offer total system solutions that combine traffic and facility management functions with other vital facility services into a single, robust user interface.

40. On line Sales and Inventory Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

This project is aimed at developing an on line Sales and Inventory Management System (SIMS) for a departmental store. This system can be used to store the details of the inventory, update the inventory based on the sale details, produce receipts for sales, generate sales and inventory reports periodically etc. This is one integrated system that contains both the user component (used by salespersons, sales managers inventory managers etc) and the admin component (used by the administrators for performing admin level functions such as adding new items to the inventory, changing the price of an item etc).

41. Training and Placement Dept. of the college

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an on line application for the Training and Placement Dept. of the college. The system is an on line application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. This system can be used as an application for the TPO of the college to manage the student information with regards to placement. Students logging should be able to upload their information in the form of a CV. Visitors/Company representatives logging in may also access/search any information put up by Students.

42. Training Portal Application

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Develop an Intranet Application for ABC Technologies Ltd. for automating the process of conducting Trainings. The Application has the following types of users:

  1. System Administrator
  2. Instructor
  3. Employee/Student (Trainee)
  4. Approver

The System Administrator can add a Course, add a schedule, modify a course, add a feedback and modify a feedback. The Instructor can generate attendance, update attendance, view feedback, view schedule, change schedule. This would be facilitating the employees to register for the training online, Unregister; add a feedback for a particular training, View list of all the trainings attended. The Approver can approve/disapprove a particular Training.


43. Web Based Meeting Scheduler

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing a scheduler for group meetings. This is a web-based tool. Any user can call for a meeting and send the detailed co-ordinates of the meeting (location, date, time etc) to all invitees. This is useful for a small office, school or a department or for that matter any group who is interested to organize it effectively. Facility to book room and editing booked room are also available.

44. Web based school administration system

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing a school administration system which can streamline the administration of school. It’s often felt that the school management is chaotic in nature. It involves many administrative work and co-ordination. This project is to develop and deploy a web based application so that the different aspects of a school administration become easy to handle.

45. On line Analyser

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The On line Analyzer includes three components namely web tracker, hit counter and real-time detailed web statistics. Just by inserting a simple piece of code on a web page it will be possible to analyze and monitor all the visitors to the website in real-time. When someone visits the website, the small piece of code is executed and the visitor’s public details (ip address, browser, operating system, referrer, page title and URL etc) are analyzed and stored for reporting to the website owner later. The website owner has control on which pages he/she wants to track just by placing the code in required pages. The hit counter displays a counter on the web page. The web master has the option to choose between displaying unique visitors or page loads and also to customize the appearance such as the background and digit color for the counter to blend in perfectly with the website.

46. Office Automation Tools

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP  

The proposed system consists of the following modules

  1. Communication Utilities – Discussion Forum, Chat Utility, E-mail System
  2. File Tracking System      -file moving, creating new files, attaching a file as note, sorting and searching files based on file number, date, priority and content.
  3. Payroll – data collection by entering category and BP, hra, da, pf etc of each category, adding details of employee, department, designation, storing the details of all employees, storing allowances, the system should give a printable format of the pay slip.

47. On line crime reporting

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The aim of the project is to develop an on line crime reporting and management system which is accessible by the public, the police department and the administrative department. The main use of on line is the public can give their report any time when the incident has occurred through on line.

48. Web Frame Work

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The project aims at facilitating the website programmer a framework where he can create web pages both static and dynamic. Our framework takes input from an xml in which the user requirements is specified in user tags. We will pass this xml file and based on the info we will create the pages needed the user has the choice of mentioning different O/P languages. It can be php, jsp or Asp. The project will be implemented as follows. Initially we create a website. A user who needs to use our facility needs to register with our site. Once that is done he can login and upload an xml file or use the settings page to his requirements, and once he submits it, a folder is created and provided to him. He can download the folder and can use the files for his application.

49. Insurance Agent’s Samurai

Requirement : Java/.Net/PHP

The Insurance Premium calculator is a major component in the electronic Systems of Insurance Companies. The Insurance agent’s Samurai is the system meant for insurance agent that helps to automated most of the functionalities in the insurance policy related activities. This system should have the facility to enter the customer details who wants to take an insurance scheme. The system should be able to provide necessary illustrations and calculate the premium amount. This system should also provide the facility to show the specification of premium term as per the choice of premium value to be paid. If the customer decides to go for the selected insurance plan, the system should be able to generate the filled application form in MS word format. This system can also be implemented for standalone machines.


50. Knowledge Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an online intranet knowledge mgmt system that is of importance to either an organisation or a college. The system (KMS) is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organisation or a specified group/Dept. This system can be used as a knowledge/information mgmt system for the college. Students/Staff logging should be able to upload any kind of technical information. Students/staffs logging in may also access/search any information put up by others.KMS should facilitate knowledge sharing from the grass root level like project teams to the entire college.

51. Library Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an online Library Management System (LiMS) for the college library. This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the campus. This system can be used to search for books/magazines, reserve books, find out who is having a particular book, put in requests to buy a new book etc. This is one integrated system that contains both the user component and the librarian component. There are features like email notifications/reminders, report generators etc in this system.

52. Online Help Desk

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an Online Help Desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus. This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the campus. This system can be used to automate the work flow of service requests for the various facilities in the campus. This is one integrated system that covers different kinds of facilities like class-rooms, labs, hostels, mess, canteen, gymnasium, computer centre, faculty club etc. Registered users (students, faculty, lab-assistants and others) will be able to log in a request for service for any of the supported facilities.

53. Budget Approval System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing a system by which the employees in the organization submit the bills to their managers. The bills could of various types and also of various amounts. The employee after submitting the bill will automatically provide the manager’s name to which the bill will be submitted. The bill will pass through a work flow process and the owner of the bill can view the status of the bill at any time. An email will be sent to the concerned people to let them know about the status of the bill.

54. Online Banking

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project aims at creation of a secure Internet banking system. This will be accessible to all customers who have a valid User Id and Password.


  1. Balance Enquiry
  2. Funds Transfer to another account in the same bank
  3. Request for cheque book/change of address/stop payment of cheques
  4. Viewing Monthly and annual statements.

55. Appraisal Tracker

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an Appraisal Tracker that is of importance to either an organization or a college. This Appraisal Tracker system is used to track the performance of an individual. An individual’s performance is rated by himself and his superior in the organization. The tasks for the next 6 months are set by the superior. The performance rating is done based on several attributes (like the timeliness, quality of work, communication skills etc).

56. Logging and Tracking Leads Generated By Campaign for an Organization

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The Logging and Tracking Leads Generated by Campaign for an Organization project concentrate about the basic and necessary needs of the call-center processes as the means of service providers. That can able to maintain a complete database of its actions and utilizations. And it has an ability to manage the processes and how to assign it to the employees. It also records the responsibilities of each actions and Interactions. This project handles the processes from the campaign registration process to the report generation process. Actually this project includes the modules as Campaign module, Account module, Leads module, Task module, Import module, Admin module and Report module. When one campaign have willing to subscribe the organizations’ services, the organization employee create the new account with their complete details for the corresponding campaign. And collect the leads from the Campaign and records as the actions and interactions. Each Campaign may have more than one lead. After entry of leads, the leads are analyzed and categorized by its service mode. Then the employee of the service provider’s organization services the leads based on the service mode. Here, they also maintain the status of each and every leads’ actions and interactions. By using the Report module, they also monitoring the campaign leads and their status easily.

57. Multi Level Marketing

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

MLM is like owning a “micro-franchise” without having to pay a huge franchising fee. It’s very low cost of entry with the potential for large income. In our proposed system at first the person who wants to join must register in the website. Registration fee is only for the first time. For rest all times, amount will be credited without any loss. Every user is identified by 9 digit unique number and the Password can be a random 6 digit number. Here only the business volume will be shown.

58. On line Image Editor

Requirement: PHP

In conventional image editing tools normally we are using application softwares like Photoshop or Gimp which we are pre-installed in our system.  By using this project, ’Online Image Editor’ we need not install any application software in our system. We can use this ‘Online Image Editor’ for image editing and water marking of JPEG, PNG and GIF images. This project aims at having a photo editor online with which you can edit pictures and store them online itself. In the current photo editing tools available, like Photoshop, the software needs to be installed and used, which can prove to be very costly. Also it requires memory space. As the online editor is available on the net, all your pictures, styles and templates are stored online. The picture which has to be edited can be uploaded from our system or can be browsed from a photo gallery provided. Pictures need to be downloaded to our system only when it is needed. Hence this concept helps in effective memory utilization on our systems. It has all the capabilities you need and can replace expensive and troublesome desktop editors.


1.         User Accounts

2.         Image Albums

3.         Image editing

  1. Water Marking

59. PHP Image Manipulation Program

Requirement: PHP

PHP Image Manipulation Program is web site provides users to edit images by online .The client do not have installed image editor software’s they can go to this site and upload the image and edit. This site provides 17 features for user.

60. Smart Bus

Requirement: Java/ .NET

This project is used in a college bus for calculating the exact travel amount from their account. It helps the students/trainees to save account balance. Here we introduce a new technology for calculating the bill. There are mainly 2 users, administrator and trainees/students who travels in the bus. While the user enter into the bus, and get off from the bus, the trainee should swipe the card, which is already given by the administrator. The card will be read by the RFID card reader. And the stop will be identified by the receiver in the bus and transmitter in the stop.

61. IPL Bidder

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

IPL Bidder is web based software which can be implemented in internet or intranet for bidding for a match. The employers of the organisation can join the community and participate in bidding. If he wins the bidding he will get back the money according to his percentage of contribution. The will be credited to his account. After reaching a minimum amount he can give a request for withdrawing money. The administrator can post the match in the site. After the match is over the administrator will post the result of the match. The administrator can also post any special events or notices in the site so that it will be visible to all the users. The employers can view all the matches for today in their home pages itself. The administrator only has the privilege to post a match. If the employers are interested they can place the bid for the matches. The employers also have the privilege to view the events posted by the administrator. Employees can request for withdraw cash from their account only after reaching a minimum amount.

62. Online Temple

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The website is mainly aiming the keralites who are living outside of Kerala.  This site will provide giving Online Hindu Puja or Pooja and  other Puja related services to all devout around the world. The venture was started for providing Puja or Pooja services to those persons who due to any reason (may be for the matter of distance) can not reach those temples frequently but needs to offer Puja there.The website will provide users to  offer Poojas at some of the most sacred temples in Kerala. The After- Puja- Upachars will be sent to  user  address,if you live at a distant place or if it is not possible for you to come at the temple physically. The temples can register in the site and give the details about the poojas and its expenses. While the user is logging in the site he can view the poojas and he can book for poojas .The amount for the pooja will be reduced from his accounts.

63. Online leave management system

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an online leave management system that is of importance to either an organization or a college. The Leave Management System (LMS) is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization or a specified group/Dept. This system can be used to automate the work flow of leave applications and their approvals. The periodic crediting of leave is also automated. There are features like email notifications, cancellation of leave, automatic approval of leave, report generators etc in this system.

64.  Online Store

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Project captures activities performed by different roles in a real life on line store. The project gives real life understanding of an on line store and activities performed by various roles in the supply chain.

Functional components of the project

  • Store
  • Customer
  • Store Manager
  • Delivery

65. Online Testing System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an On line Testing System (OTS) that is of importance to either an organization or a college. On line Testing System is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization or a specified group/Department. This system can be used to conduct tests on various topics. The system should be able to generate graphical results for better analysis.

66. Online Tickets reservation system

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an online ticket reservation system for Cinema Halls. The Ticket Reservation System is an Internet based application that can be accesses throughout the Net and can be accessed by anyone who has a net connection. This application will automate the reservation of tickets and Enquiries about availability of the tickets. This application includes email confirmation for the tickets.

67. Rend a Coder

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

Rent a coder is a web based software to help freelance programmers to get projects. The free lance programmers can register in this site and bid for the various projects that are posted by various persons/organisations. The organisation will review all the bids for their post and select one and handover the project. This web site will act as an intermediate between freelance programmers and organisations.  This site will help the organization to find free lance programmers to do their projects. Finding the right professionals to work on project or business has never been easy or cheap until now. The Organisation is free to post as many projects as they want, totally free. Post project, choose the bid, and get that work done. Organizations can manage the project easily using this web based software.

68. Student Quality Manager

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The project entitled Student Quality Manager is a web based application. Student Quality Manager deals with entire monitoring procedures of Kites Innovative Solutions which is a sister concern of KITES Softwares Pvt. Ltd. This system has its own salient features like online enquiry for students, staff registration, student registration, attendance for student, work assessment for staffs etc.

69. Tour De World

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The website is for tourists or travellers that provide details about a geographic location, tourist destination. It will usually include details, such as phone numbers, addresses, prices, and reviews of hotels and other lodgings, restaurants, travels, airlines and activities.  Administrator will approve requests from different type of users like hotels, travels, airlines. User will be able to search the locations, schedule of travels, availability of seats etc. The website has the power to manage schedules effectively. Users like hotels, airlines, travels will request to the administrator telling about their terms and conditions, expense for travelling etc. After the administrator will satisfy with the terms and conditions, then only he will approve the requests and give their login details via e-mail.

70. Core Banking

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Core Banking solutions are banking applications on a platform enabling a phased, strategic approach that lets people improve operations, reduce costs, and prepare for growth. Implementing a modular, component-based enterprise solution ensures strong integration with your existing technologies. An overall service-oriented-architecture (SOA) helps banks reduce the risk that can result from multiple data entries and out-of-date information, increase management approval, and avoid the potential disruption to business caused by replacing entire systems. Core banking is all about knowing customers’ needs. Provide them with the right products at the right time through the right channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using technology aspects like Internet, Mobile ATM.

71. Vehicle Insurance Management

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The aim of the project is to create a web application which performs the core processes of insurance (underwriting and rating) for the insurer.

 72. Real Time Control, Monitoring and Quality Assurance of Granite Production System                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The Real Time control, monitoring and quality assurance of Granite production system is a client-server application designed by keeping in view the various activities that are performed at Granite business organization. A Granite business organization which deals with Thousands of customers, called consignee, selling granite blocks with different sizes needs a system that quickly provide services which could enhance the day to day activities of the business with efficiency and correctness.

73. Work Flow Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The system provides on line task management to the employees of the organization and paperless outward entries.

74. E-University

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The project deals with Online Virtual University. The site will provide features which are required by the Universities. The functionalities include Online Application for joining the courses of the university, Verification of the Student  Applications and finalization of the admission,  Facility to download online course materials, Provision for  Applying for the exams online and issue of Hall Tickets to the students ,Publishing  results, Maintenance of Alumni Details, Publication of Online News Letters etc. The main modules in the project are:

1) Master Data Creation Module

2) Application Processing Module

3) Creation of Online Course Materials

4) Alumni Students Module

5) News Letter Publishing Module

6) Administration Module

75. Knowledge Bank

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Knowledge Bank is a dedicated online site for teachers and other educators to share discuss and collate innovative ideas and examples of “next” practices, especially those from Victorian schools. Knowledge Bank’s aim is to be a credible and trusted resource for teachers and others in the emerging world of digitally-based teaching and learning. It is also a place for Victorian teachers and others, to contribute their authentic experiences, expertise and insights into educational innovations Knowledge Bank offers Victorian teachers the means to showcase their innovative practices in teaching and learning to other teachers and educators, both in Victoria and beyond. It is also a place which facilitates pathways to professional dialogue through sponsoring events such as online conferencing, emerging technologies trials or by highlighting the latest research exploring the educational value of innovation.

76. Online Examination

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP

The On-line Examination System is a web based application developed in MySQL and PHP. This customized software has been developed for any students for all the courses conducted by them. This is run from an In–House Apache Web server on their internal network. The examination consists of different types of multiple choice questions. The questions are selected at random keeping the proper weightage for the various topics. The answers are evaluated and the marks obtained for each along with the answer given by the student are stored in the database. The examiner can get the results immediately in various forms — the general mark list, the detailed mark list where the marks obtained by the student in each topic of the subject is shown as well as the answer sheet of each student.

77. Payroll System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Aim of Payroll System is to design and implement a payroll system that should accept employee hours worked compute net pay and record all the payroll data for subsequent processing. The system should prepare pay cheque and a payroll ledger, and maintain data on a sequential payroll file. Non-statutory deductions such as union dues and pension plans to be made.“The payroll data are employee number, employee name, pay rate, and union member flag.  The year-to-date total should contain earnings, federal tax, pension plan, and union dues”.

78. Real Estate Solutions

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Real Estate Solutions provides a common platform for Indian property owners, potential buyers & property dealers in India so that they could do there business in a much efficient and productive way.

79. Friend Finder

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

The Project named Friend Finder is a social networking application like Orkut, My space and Hi5 etc. The backbone of maintaining relationship between our friends, classmates and colleagues is communication between them. But today’s fastest world wants the communication between people become also fast. In this scenario social networking application, Friend Finder has to do a lot of for helping people to find their friends and maintain relationship between them.

80. Dealership Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Dealership means business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company’s goods or services in a particular area





81. E-Logistics for Warehouse Management

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

To gain a competitive advantage over increasing competition, organizations must constantly adapt to customer demand, vendor compliance initiatives and multi- channel issues. A synchronized warehouse process can maximize the organization’s facility while improving workforce performance and facility management.  When was the last time there was an objective and a strategic approach/look at the organization’s warehouse operations?  Warehouse Management solutions enable real time coordination of goods and activities within their warehouse.  Logistics management is the process of strategically managing the procurement,  movement and storage of materials, parts and finished inventory and the related  information flows through the organization and its marketing channels in such as  way that current and future profitability are maximized through the cost-effective  fulfilment of orders.

82. Defect Tracking System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

This project is aimed at developing an on line defects tracking system useful for applications developed in an organization. The Defect Tracking System (DTS) is a web based application that can be accessed throughout the organization. This system can be used for logging defects against an application/module, assigning defects to individuals and tracking the defects to resolution. There are features like email notifications, user maintenance, user access control, report generators etc in this system.

83. Patient Management System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Present approach to consolidating patient medication data and integration that data into the electronic patient record. True medication management involves more than just automated prescription writing, distribution and claims processing. It necessarily involves the consolidation of patient medication data across all healthcare providers, including: physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, health plans and pharmacy benefits managers (PBM’s), as well as integrating that data with other patient record data in a seamless way. Whenever the same patient health data is required by more than one provider it should be shared. Patient medication data is rightfully an integral part of managed care, practice management and the patient record. The consolidation of patient medication data across all healthcare providers and its integration with other patient record data addresses established industry objectives of: patient-focused care, continuity of care and positive patient outcomes. It benefits everyone involved by assisting the various caregivers in making correct assessments and administering proper medication treatments.

84. College Office Automation System

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

College office automation System (COAS) is computer software that is used in the College for the automation of student enquiry, admission, payment of fees, Pending payments etc. Currently all the activities are carried out manually. The workload is very high and it takes more time to enter data in the respective books. The modules of the proposed system are as give below. Currently all the activities are carried out manually. The workload is very high and it takes more time to enter data in the respective books.

1) Login and User Management

2) Student Module

3) Fees

4) Reports

85. Employee Transfer Application

Requirement: Java/.Net/PHP 

Develop an Intranet Application for ABC Technologies Ltd. for maintaining information related to its employees transfer and generating the transfer related documents. This application would be facilitating the system administrator (Higher Management) to search the employees transfer record, make new transfers and also amend the allowances offered to the employee who usually depends on the post of the employee and the type of transfer he is getting.

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